Pics for Jackie 2

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circa 1962-63: L-R: Marty Brooks, Stephanie Friedman, Scott Brooks, Mark Friedman, Jeffrey Brooks

Summer 1963: Marty Brooks, "Flippy" Shevett in background.

Mock Marriage - Fillrose Bungalow Colony - Circa 1960-1963

Front left: Bill Grabowitz, Ruby Scharfing. Middle front: Harry Werner. Groom: Sylvia Friedman.

Sylvia Friedman. Felix Friedman

Harry Werner, Bill Grabowitz

Irving Alexander

Shows - Fillrose Bungalow Colony - Circa 1962

Stephanie Friedman in middle

Sherry Scharfing 2nd from left

Middle: Sylvia Friedman; Right: Sherry Scharfing

Camp - Fillrose Bungalow Colony - Circa 1963

Flippy in clown suit in back. Might be Alan Scharfing in baseball uniform.

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