Martin Brooks Resume

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NY Intermedia Authority

CBS Educational & Professional Publishing

New York, NY

The leading publisher of educational and professional information for schools, colleges, medical schools and a leading publisher of trade books.

Director, Software Development (1984-1986)

Manager, Software Development (1983-1984)

Manager, Audio/Visual Development and Recording Operations (1981-1983)

Manager, Recording Operations (1978-1981)

  • Led acquisition, development, production, and quality assurance of software, video, and audio products, and multi-image presentations, with 60 major software projects reaching the marketplace by Fall 1986.
  • Negotiated contracts and developed budgets, collaborating with Sales, Marketing, Production, Process, Design, and Manufacturing to assure a high quality and timely product release.
  • Received Family Computing Magazine Award for T-Rex: The Dinosaur Survival Adventure, a ground-breaking interactive software project.
  • Supported Voyage of the Mimi, an award-winning video, print, and interactive software program designed to teach science, math, and problem-solving skills.
  • Received CEPP Outstanding Achievement Award (1980); also member of CEPP New Technology Task Force.
  • Produced 5-site marketing and sales teleconference with WNET-13 Net-Telicon.