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Ruth Brooks & Lucille Cohen circa 1955

Circa 1959. Ethel Brooks Fisher, Ceil (Bob's sister)

circa 1957. Thanksgiving. Offices of Standard Studios
L-R: Jeffrey Brooks, "Flippy" Shevett, Linda? Cohen, Billy Cohen, Jackie Shevett, Marty Brooks

Jeffrey birthday circa 1958. From 7:00: Philip?, ?, Stephanie, Jackie, Jeffrey, Marty, ?, Bruce

Rockaway 1958: Top row: Stephanie, Bertha with "Flippy", Linda Werner
Bottom Row: L: Jackie, "Flippy", Stevie; R: (back to front): Stephanie, ?, Flippy, Jackie, Stevie, ?, Jeffrey

Rockaway 1958: Steven Graboowitz, Stevie Shevett?, "Flippy" Shevett, Marty Brooks, Jeffrey Brooks

Rockaway 1958: Kenny Brooks on drums; Bob Shevett on the left?, Bill Grabowitz on the right?

Fillrose: Mock Marriage 1959

Left group: Rear row: Ruthie Grabowitz 2nd from left; Groom: Ruth Brooks; Behind groom: Felix Friedman; Left with beard and moustache: Sylvia Friedman, Behind her: Bertha Shevett, to her right Harazduk.

Right photo: Sylvia Friedman, Ruth Brooks, Salk w/ cigar

Friedmans circa August 1960-63

Some Animal Farm circa '62. "Flippy", Marty, Jackie, Jeffrey, Scott

Fillrose circa '62-64
Flippy hitting on that girl and standing next to Mark in that group shot and my brother Scott Brooks own front, third from the left. In the last photo, that's Allan Scharfing to the right of Phillip.

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Fillrose circa '62-64
1st photo: Stevie on the left with his arms crossed and looking down and standig next to Mark. Front right is Scott Bludsteen. 2nd pic is Gary Alexander and Allan Scharfing.

Catskills circa 1962-64
Guys: Bill Grabowitz, Marvin Goldfeder, Paul Blunnie, Irving Alexander, Murray Spickler, Felix Friedman, Ruby Scharfing
Gals: Rear: Lil Alexander, Alberta Goldfeder, Sylvia Friedman. Front: Pat Blunnie, Sara Spickler, Janis Scharfing, Ruth Brooks, Ruthie Grabowitz

Catskills circa 1962-64
Ruthie Grabowitz, Dottie Werner, Janis Scharfing, Ruth Brooks, Sara Spickler,Lil Alexander

Catskills circa 1962-64: the girl gang from The Bronx

Catskills circa 1962-64
Top L to R: Janis Scharfing, Marvin Goldfeder, Irving Alexander, Sylvia Friedman, Ruthie Grabowitz, Dottie Werner, Harry Werner.
Middle Row: Alberta Goldfeder, Pat Blunnie, Sara Spickler, Ruth Brooks, Lil Alexander.
Bottom Row: Paul Blunnie, Felix Friedman, Murray Spickler, Bill Grabowitz.

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