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NY Intermedia Authority
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (page 2): Product Development, Inc. (Bertelsmann)

New York, New York

A major e-commerce venture to market books, video, music, and e-books in 14 countries in Europe and Asia.

Director, Front-End Development and Operations (2001-2002)

Director, Content, Database, Operations and EDI (1999-2000)

Content Consultant (1998-1999)

  • Managed content development, front-end development, and operations of e-commerce sites in 14 countries that market books, music, video, software, and e-books.
  • Contracted with outside suppliers of such content as bibliographies, inventory data, book jackets, book reviews, first chapters, tables-of-contents, author biographies, video clips, audio clips.
  • Developed standards for content implementation.
  • Reduced front-end IT development and operations costs by 70% during last year of operation.
  • Developed processes to enable a multilingual presentation using a single database structure.
  • Served as responsible party for the following: search, search results, product, biographical and other content pages, country business rules, product database development and content acquisition (including metadata, audio clips, product images), DTD and load processes; EDI, back-end operations, technical implementation of coupons and affiliate programs, conversion to Euro, and new platform due diligence.